Soteria Screening


Clients sharing their story and experiences

My company found out the hard way. We had an employee drug related incident which resulted in a huge lawsuit. As a result, we are now working with Soteria Screening who immediately helped us implement a drug free company program. Soteria had all the expertise to line us up with employee training, workplace drug policy, pre-employment testing and reasonable suspicion testing. As the Director of Human Resources I was a bit hesitant about picking a reputable drug testing company since there are so many to choose from. I feel very confident now that we will not have to worry about drug testing and the law as well as decreasing the chances of hiring an abuser again in the future.

- Marie D., PSRT Company

Very easy to order a drug test and receive results online.

- Mike T., Omaha, Nebraska

Ashley was very helpful in walking me through the process of ordering tests for my employees.

- J.B., Regional Service Center

I needed a DNA paternity test so I called Soteria Screening Labs and they set me up immediately with the experts.

- Rene D., Lexington, KY

Because my insurance would not cover a particular blood test I needed I found Soteria Labs that did my test for a more than reasonable price and easy process lining up the test.

- Linda B., Arlington, VA

I was a bit hesitant at first because I had to pay with a credit card before the test was performed. However after talking with Ashley more about the process she put my fears at ease. Very satisfied and will use the service again!

- Kelly L., Austin, TX

I would certainly recommend Soteria Labs! Quick and Efficient.

- George M., Alpha Omega

I’m the manager of a convenience store in Woburn, Massachusetts. Recently, I was unexpectedly confronted with the need to have two of my employees tested for drug use. For reasons I prefer not to disclose, the testing had to be done immediately. This was a new experience for me. As a starting point, I Googled for drug testing and randomly selected “Soteria Screening” from the Google listings. I phoned them and spoke with a customer service representative about my needs. She assured me that they could quickly arrange to have my employees tested. In less than ten minutes, they called back, as well as confirmed by email, that I should send my employees to a testing laboratory located less than a five-minute drive from the location of our business. The employees were immediately driven to the testing laboratory, and I was notified of the testing results within just a couple days. What I thought was going to be a complicated and difficult task to achieve was successfully accomplished with a single phone call. Thank you Soteria for your excellent service!

- Dr. Bob, Careway Home Health Care