DOT Medical Exams

DOT Physicals

Commercial vehicle operators are legally obligated to undergo Department of Transportation (DOT) medical exams at a minimum of once every two years. These physicals are crucial to the continued safety of commercial drivers, and Soteria Screening Laboratories offers these exams nationwide. Effective May 21, 2014, interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers can no longer get a valid medical certificate from just any healthcare provider. Instead, CMV driver medical exams can only be completed by a certified Medical Examiner. Each of our medical examiners have been properly licensed to perform DOT physicals in adherence with DOT compliance. Since the regulations changed, any medical examiner who intends to perform DOT physicals must undergo proper training. This specialized training covers Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) advisory criteria and regulations as well as FMCSA physical requirements for commercial vehicle operators. The medical examiners are also required to pass a certification test in order to prove that they are capable of performing the physicals.

We provide DOT physical exams nationwide.

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DOT Exams

DOT Compliance

DOT Compliance

Soteria Screening Laboratories provides alcohol and drug testing programs for the Department of Transportation (DOT) employers across the nation. It is critical that all DOT-regulated employers comply with DOT regulations. Your drug and alcohol testing program need all required components to avoid failing a DOT audit. Soteria's drug and alcohol testing program contains all the required components and more. These components include: a written policy, supervisor training, employee education, a Designated Employer Representative (DER), pre-employment tests, previous employer checks, regulations on file, Federal Custody and Control forms (CCFs), guidelines for removal of covered employees, Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) process, post-accident testing situations, reasonable suspicion testing events, random pools, and record keeping.

Soteria Screening Laboratories offers affordable drug and alcohol testing programs for DOT employers, which always include our Medical Review Officer services, so you can rest assured our screening process is accurate and efficient. We also provide audit assistance and Management Information System (MIS) reports. Our goal is to ensure our clients are 100% compliant at all times. We have a large network of nationwide facilities available on a daily basis. Contact us today for all of your DOT drug and alcohol testing and Medical Exam needs.

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