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Types of Employee Drug Testing in the Workplace

Employee drug testing is essential for organizations to ensure a drug-free workplace environment. A workplace environment that is free from drugs promotes professionalism, integrity, productivity, discipline, and a positive work culture amongst others. Crimes related to drug abuse can also be minimized in a drug-free workplace environment.

This article highlights the various employee drug tests that can be done at the workplace. These tests will help to ensure productivity and prevent drug abuse among employees.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing helps in making effective decisions when it comes to hiring employees. Such tests help in hiring only productive and efficient staff in an organization. Candidate employees with addiction issues can be easily identified prior to being hired. This test and adherence to federal work-safety guidelines can help organizations save considerably towards health insurance premiums and medical treatments.

Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing involves checking the employees randomly without issuing any prior notice about the test. This form of test is highly effective in minimizing accidents or security incidences in safety sensitive areas. Random drug testing provides accurate results and can easily be conducted through the use of on-site urine and saliva test kits. It also saves lives thereby reducing employer liability.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Organizations usually conduct reasonable suspicion drug testing when they suspect that an employee is abusing drugs. It is carried out after noting a particular pattern of drug use, signs of working under the influence of drugs, or being convicted for drug abuse. Organizations usually decide to carry out this test as a result of proven evidence such as reports from reasonable sources, evidence of tampering with one’s drug results, irrational conduct, as well as the direct observation of drug use. When the employees abusing drugs are let go from the organization, security, safety, as well as drug-free environment will be promoted.

Post-Accident Drug Testing

Post-accident drug testing is conducted by an organization on an employee after a serious accident or injury while at work. The aim of the test is to know the cause of the accident or injury (whether it’s due to alcohol or drugs). The test helps to protect the company from liability in case the employee is guilty. This type of drug test helps in reducing on-the-job accidents.

Follow-Up Drug Testing

Follow-up drug testing is carried out on employees that are returning to work to determine if they are still under the influence of drugs. It is a compulsory test that can be done anytime. Any traces of banned drugs can lead to disciplinary action against the defaulter.

It is important to maintain the integrity of the testing process while carrying out the tests so that accurate and reliable results can be obtained. Soteria Screening Laboratories provides reliable solutions for quick, accurate and affordable drug testing in organizations. Contact us today to get assistance with drug testing.