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Maine Recovery Center to Offer Counseling Instead of Drugs

A new recovery center in Rockland, Maine, which is set to open later this month, plans to offer counseling instead of drugs to for those who are either struggling with drug addiction or who are coping with a friend or family's member's addiction to drugs. The Coastal Recovery Community Center will be the third center of its type in the state of Maine, and it will be located in the former school at the corner of Grove and Lincoln streets. The other two centers, Midcoast Recovery Coalition and the Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery, are located in Bangor and Portland.

Coastal Recovery will serve as a meeting place where people can gather more information about drug use. They can ask questions they may have, or even hold meetings with other folks in similar situations. Of course, those who are addicted to drugs can come to the center in order to form new connections, both with the people who are also in attendance and with professionals who can get them the help they need.

The goal of the center is to create a safe location with safe people where those who are struggling can feel comfortable about going to get help. It is a place where healthy relationships can be formed with friends, neighbors, and other members of the community who are struggling with similar issues.

Right now, there are two kinds of public treatment that are available through healthcare centers in the mid-coast area: abstinence-based treatment and medication-assisted treatment. Those who visit the center can choose the treatment that they think would best suit their needs, and the center can then direct them on the options that are available to them that are associated with that form of treatment.

Knox County, Maine has suffered one of the highest opiate overdose rates in the state, with over 450 hospitalizations in 2015. The nearby Cumberland County's numbers are just as high. As a result, the area has been feeling the pinch of a lack of resources and support for those in the area who need it. Rockland has been trying to regain its footing since 2012 insofar as treatment centers are concerned. This is because the former owner of the Turning Tide methadone clinic in the area was arrested for operating under both the influence and possession of cocaine that year.

After Turning Tide folded, the Rockland Metro Treatment Center took over the location. Rockland Metro offers methadone treatment options. Similarly, the number of local physicians who are able to treat drug addiction with prescription drugs like Suboxone has also increased from one physician to six. This is great news for those who believe that managing their addictions with medication-assisted treatment is the better option for them, as there are now more doctors in the area who can help.

Despite the fact that the Rockland area is in desperate need of resources and support to cope with the current opiate epidemic, the new center will be open only from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays to start. This is because longer hours are, unfortunately, cost-prohibitive.