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Background Checks

Pre-employment background checks are critical for companies in order to protect their intellectual property and ensure a safe work environment. With Soteria Screening Laboratories' background screening services, you will be able to confirm any potential employee's qualifications and uncover any important information that might be of concern. Who you hire can have a major impact on the success or failure of your business. That is why Soteria is dedicated to providing our clients with in-depth employee background checks that are accurate, affordable, and timely in order to assist those important hiring decisions.

Soteria's employment background screening services include a variety of options without the hassle of on-site inspections. Services include background checks through county criminal records, federal criminal records, the national sex offender registry, and the national criminal database. Additional searches include previous employment verification, address history search, and social security number validation.

Background Screening

Being informed of a prospective employee's background is an excellent indicator of their future performance. Although background checks are not a complete indication of a person's capabilities and work ethic, it is still a responsible choice to gather all of the facts before making a hiring decision. A thorough and accurate pre-employment screening with Soteria's background screening services help employers avoid making costly hiring mistakes.

Courts accept the premise that detrimental details in a potential employee's background allow employers to disqualify candidates for a given position. Companies can be held liable if they fail to detect or heed warning signs revealed through a pre-employment background screening, and the employee injures a third party. Negligent hiring is a risk that can be easily avoided by using our pre-employment background screening service so you will be thoroughly informed about the backgrounds of all potential employees. Soteria is affiliated with National Crime Search, Inc. (NCS), which is a nationwide provider of background checks, employment screening, and volunteer screening. Click here for more information.

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