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Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious issue that employers continue to face on a daily basis. Businesses lose billions of dollars a year because of lost productivity, accidents, and other related problems. This can be especially detrimental to small businesses where one serious accident can be devastating. Soteria testing and compliance programs decrease liabilities caused by employees who abuse substances. Federal rules and regulations require many companies to submit their employees to drug and alcohol testing, particularly those workers with safety sensitive jobs.

Aside from required federally regulated drug testing there are many other practical reasons for employers to test their employees.

Drug and alcohol testing programs in the workplace help minimize a company's chances of hiring an employee who may be a substance abuser. It also helps to identify current employees who may be using drugs, which gives the company the opportunity to refer them to rehabilitation or assistance programs. Drug testing is humane, constructive, and can even be life-saving by forcing individuals to confront their dependency problems. In addition, it is a strong motivator for recovering substance abusers to stay sober, and to deter other individuals from "recreational" substance abuse, which leads to addiction or dependency. Many states will give up to a 10% discount on Workers Compensation insurance premiums to companies with a Drug Free Workplace (DFW) policy in place.

Soteria Screening Laboratories has found that implementing a drug and alcohol testing program reduces employee tardiness, absenteeism, and employee turnover. An effective drug screening program can reduce accidents, thus effectively reducing workers' compensation costs.


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A person's safety should never be jeopardized by delinquency of substance abusers. Not only are substance abusers more likely to cause injuries on the job, they also multiply the medical expenses incurred by the average individual. In some states, a worker's compensation claim can be denied if the injury was a result of illegal drug or alcohol abuse, so it is very important to have a solid drug screening program. Employees on drugs present a danger to themselves, their coworkers, and potentially customers and other members of the community.

Better Productivity

Better Productivity

Companies who begin using a drug and alcohol testing program almost always see a significant increase in productivity. Drug screening improves employee motivation and morale, while giving credibility to corporate image, reputation, and customer satisfaction. It also reinforces an organization's "no use" policy and establishes grounds for firing or other disciplinary actions; the cost of "using" will deter drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace.

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Our Beliefs

Soteria recognizes that establishing a drug and alcohol testing program is a very important decision for any business and should not be taken lightly. Once a business has made the choice to institute employee testing, then the conditions under which to test must be determined. Some of these options for conditional testing might include pre-employment drug testing, random drug and alcohol testing, advanced-notice periodic drug testing, post-accident testing, testing for safety-sensitive jobs, retesting during and after drug rehabilitation, and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing driven by a specific incident.

Pre-employment screening is the most common employer drug and alcohol testing practice. It is the most cost-effective and is the best deterrent for keeping drug and alcohol abusers out of your workplace. When compared to the potential cost of consequences due to employee substance abuse, a simple pre-employment test is a very small price to pay. Both advanced notice periodic testing and random testing help to identify drug users among current employees. However, random testing without notification is the best option to identify drug users for obvious reasons. Periodic testing scheduled in advance is usually done in jobs that require physical endurance, jobs that involve executive decision making, or as part of an employee annual physical.

Post-accident testing should be mandatory whenever a workplace accident occurs that involves human error. In any safety-sensitive job type, all employees are required to be drug-free and must submit to DOT drug and alcohol testing. Employers may also decide to test an employee if reasonable suspicion exists, i.e. abnormal behavior, observed drugs and paraphernalia, or a medical emergency.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about employer and individual drug and alcohol testing programs, please contact Soteria Screening Laboratories. We have a number of programs available, as well as other services including:

Maintaining a drug-free workforce will help avoid costly problems involving absenteeism, productivity, safety, hefty insurance premiums, and potential lawsuits. Soteria Screening Laboratories strives to keep substance abusers out of the workforce and deter employees from developing dangerous substance abuse problems affecting the business, other personnel, and even the clients. We offer a variety of drug and alcohol tests for individuals and employers, DOT and Non-DOT, that can be ordered directly through our website. Our available drug and alcohol tests are conducted for:

  • Attorney Requested
  • Child Protective Agencies
  • Civic Organizations
  • Computer Data Processors
  • Computer Programmers and Operators
  • Computer Scientists
  • Construction Workers
  • Court Ordered
  • Divorce & Child Custody
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Follow-up
  • Food Preparers
  • Ground Keepers
  • Healthcare Workers
  • High-tech Security Positions
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Janitors
  • Maids
  • Non-DOT Transportation (i.e. travel & tourism companies)
  • Post-Accident
  • Probation and Court Ordered Cases
  • Random Testing
  • Reasonable Cause
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Retail Industry
  • Return-to-Duty
  • School Faculty
  • Sporting Organizations
  • Students
  • Volunteers
  • Waiters and Waitresses
  • Pre-employment

For more information about test options, go to our pricing page. Here at Soteria, we are committed to providing employers and individuals with a variety of convenient, affordable, and effective drug and alcohol tests. Employers interested in a corporate account or bundle pricing for drug tests please call, (202) 679-6670.